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Taylors Yorkshire Toast & Jam Brew 4x40's

Remember the comforting warmth of freshly baked bread slathered with your favourite childhood jam? Imagine capturing that cherished memory in every sip – that’s the magic of Taylors Yorkshire Toast & Jam Brew. This isn’t just tea, it’s a time capsule for your taste buds, transporting you back to cozy mornings and simple pleasures. The robust black tea base provides a familiar foundation, reminiscent of the strong brews shared across generations. But it’s the subtle dance of toasty notes and a hint of sweet jam that truly sets this brew apart. Each sip whispers of crisp mornings, laughter around the table, and the comforting hum of family life.

This isn’t just a beverage, it’s an experience. Close your eyes, inhale the steam, and let the familiar aromas wash over you. Feel the warmth spread through your body, a quiet reminder of simpler times. Whether you’re a lifelong Yorkshire local or simply seeking a moment of nostalgic escape, this brew is your invitation. So put down the phone, step away from the screen, and allow yourself a moment of pure indulgence. Let Taylors Yorkshire Toast & Jam Brew transport you back to a time of warmth, connection, and the simple pleasures of a perfect slice of toast. Share a cup with loved ones, create new memories, and savour the taste of home with every sip.

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We’re an independent family tea and coffee company from Harrogate in Yorkshire. We have strong family values, like a love for fairness, quality, creativity and the importance of treating people with respect. And we're completely, utterly devoted to the pursuit of extraordinary flavour. Our story starts back in 1886, when Charles Taylor and his two sons set up a tea and coffee company. C. E. Taylors & Sons became known for quality, and the flagship store at 1 Parliament Street, Harrogate became famous across the region. Although we’ve grown a little since then, we’ve stayed true to our craft values. It’s because our family roots run more than a century deep – and we’ve never lost our independent streak.

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