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Our foodservice suppliers will help your business grow

Privately-owned and operated since 2001, our full-service distribution company has over 20 years of experience being foodservice suppliers. Operating in Mississauga, Ontario and Surrey, BC, our expansion means we can ship even more specialty food far and wide across the country.

Being Canada’s largest specialty food distributor, this is a responsibility we take very seriously. That’s why our Mississauga and Surrey warehouses and order desks are manned and operated by the best individuals for the job.

With several of our hard working, passionate and dedicated employees being with Morgan-Williams since our early years, first-class customer service and dedicated support come as second nature to our team. In short, buying Canada specialty food has never been easier. Get to know who’s who on our team of foodservice suppliers right here.

Jim Picard​

President / Chairman

John Kapralos​

Managing Director

Geraldine Aryeetey​


Ron Sadler​

New Business Development

Karen Thompson​

Director of Sales

Pardeep Mann​

Procurement Manager

Brittany Picard

Director of Marketing

Morgan-Williams company values

Happy customers are what drive us

Carrying Canada’s widest assortment of ethnic grocery brands, nothing pleases us more than providing quality customer service and receiving positive feedback in return.

You’ve tried other foodservice suppliers. Now try the best! Contact us and let’s discuss your next project.

Foodservice suppliers since 2001, Morgan-Williams is the specialty food vendor you can depend on. Get in contact with our team today and start receiving profitable goods and first-class customer service to match. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.

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