Morgan Williams International Inc.

Our Mission & Vision

We are the wholesale food distributors who understand your business

“To continue expanding our product list in order to help retailers grow their food brand in Canada”

Our mission

Morgan-Williams became wholesale food distributors for one reason. To continue providing our highly valued Canadian retailers the widest possible selection of recognizable and innovative goods and groceries from around the globe. This way, major chain stores, convenience stores and independent grocery stores can stock the most profitable products to drive both sales and a more meaningful shopping experience. By importing and distributing rare, ethnic, and ancestral food, our partners can successfully grow their food brand in Canada.

“To constantly monitor consumer behaviour to satisfy the wants, needs and desires of new Canadian generations”

Our vision

Since becoming wholesale food distributors in 2001, we’ve seen the demand for ethnically focused retailing grow exponentially. With consumers constantly looking to indulge or find comfort in their ancestral dishes, or others home cooking with different cuisines, Morgan-Williams has been at the forefront of this movement. To stay at the top of the Canadian food industry, our passionate team of wholesale food distributors constantly monitors consumer behaviour and trends. Every year, we focus on widely recognized brands from the domestic market with strong brand recognition while also looking to develop unique and innovative brands from around the world.

Morgan-Williams company values

Happy customers are what drive us

Carrying Canada’s widest assortment of ethnic grocery brands, nothing pleases us more than providing quality customer service and receiving positive feedback in return.

We’re Canada’s largest wholesale food distributors for a reason. Contact us and let’s discuss your next project.

Wholesale food distributors since 2001, Morgan-Williams is the company you can depend on. Get in contact with our team today and start receiving profitable goods and first-class customer service to match. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.

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