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Need a leading food distributor? We lovingly stock our specialty food products far and wide.

Does you store need a reliable food distributor with genuine national distribution capabilities? Since 2001, we’ve reliably imported and distributed thousands of specialty food and groceries to major chain stores, convenience stores and independent stores throughout Canada. Currently handling around 3,000 SKUs every year, make Morgan-Williams your number one choice for food distributor services. Read what others had to say about their positive experience with us.

Happy customers are what drive us

Carrying Canada’s widest assortment of ethnic grocery brands, nothing pleases us more than providing quality customer service and receiving positive feedback in return.

Love our specialty food products? Submit your review today.

Morgan-Williams regularly receives positive feedback from the loyal customers we do business with. If you think we are the best food distributor in Canada and want to tell people about it, share your experience using the form on this page. Submit your story along with your name and email so we can verify who you are. We love providing specialty food to our highly valued customers and look forward to hearing about your experience.

All testimonials will be reviewed by Morgan-Williams and may be displayed on our website and/or used in our promotional materials. Feedback will only be presented on our website if deemed appropriate by Morgan-Williams.

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