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Super Noodles Mild Curry 8x90g

Add Batchelor?s Mild Curry Super Noodles to hot water and cook for a few minutes for a lunch that?s quick to make and full of spices. These noodles are a great taste of India if you don?t like your food packing too much heat. Each pack contains two portions and can be cooked in the microwave or on the hob in a matter of minutes.

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From Sheffield, South Yorkshire, to your Canadian supermarket shelves, Batchelors have helped British families make cooking simple for over 100 years. A master crafter when it comes to dried and canned produce, the first Batchelors dried soup warmed hearts way back in 1949. This was before the famous Cup a Soup products took the UK by storm in 1972. Today, you can treat customers to a British fish and chip shop icon, Mushy Peas, thanks to Morgan-Williams. Shop our Batchelors range here.

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