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Unox Cup A Soup Cream Of Tomato 12 Count

Do you fancy a nice soup? Or do you have a busy day and feel like a snack to be able to stay sharp and alert again? Then you are always in the right place at Cup-a-Soup! This is also the case with Cup-a-Soup Tomato Cream: a quick, savory boost that gives you the energy to keep going! This delicious soup is made with sustainably grown tomatoes, and you can taste it! One package of Cup-a-Soup Tomato Cream contains 3 delicious sachets of Cup-a-Soup. A sachet of this delicious Cup-a-Soup Tomato Cream contains 62 calories per mug. As you are used to from us, we pay a lot of care and attention to our recipe and we only use the best ingredients to guarantee the good taste. In addition, this Cup-a-Soup Tomato Cream contains no artificial colors, preservatives or added flavor enhancers. This variant is also suitable for vegetarians. The Cup-a-Soup Tomato Cream is easy and quick to prepare: put the contents of the bag in your favorite mug and pour 175 ml of boiling water. Then stir for a while, wait 1 minute and you’re done, enjoy! This way, you can prepare a delicious mug of soup in no time. At home, at the office or wherever you are, Cup-a-Soup is always a delicious savory snack. Tasty, easy and fast! Cup-a-Soup: More People Should Do That!

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