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Tate & Lyles Tins Black Treacle 12x454g

Tate and Lyle’s Black Treacle is another classic baking ingredient from the UK. This traditional product is perfect for sweet treats like treacle toffee, cakes, parkin, as well as marinades and dressings for meat and fish dishes.

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Tate & Lyle

Great businesses never stand still. Just look at Tate & Lyle. Originally a sugar refining business but cleverly diversifying since the 1970s, Tate & Lyle's ingredients and expertise have helped make food and beverages healthier and tastier all around the globe. With over 160 years of food industry experience, Tate & Lyle's green and gold patterned Golden Syrup tins are so iconic, they're almost impossible to throw away. Thanks to Morgan-Williams, you can make home bakers' day by stocking Tate & Lyle Golden Syrup and Black Treacle tins in your store. Shop our Tate & Lyle range here.

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