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PG Tips 12x40's

PG Tips Tea Bags are the UK’s leading brand of tea bags, and are perfect for making that traditional and much-loved British cuppa. PG Tips Tea Bags now come in an innovative pyramid-shaped bag, providing the tea with more room to breathe as it slowly brews. So you can enjoy that distinctive PG flavour.

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PG tips

There's no other tea to beat PG! After Brooke Bond launched PG Tips in the late 1930s, Britain fell in love with the Pre-Gestee mantra. A variant of "Digestive Tea," PG Tips stands for tea that can be drunk as a digestive aid before eating. With grocers calling it PG, the brand know a thing or two about the perfect British "cuppa." The first major UK tea brand to sell fully Rainforest Alliance certified teas, sell PG Tips tea bags and decaf tea bags in Canada, thanks to Morgan-Williams. Shop our PG Tips range here.

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