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Marinelli Sauce Original Meat Ready Bolognese 12x740ml

Marinelli?s sauces are all handmade in small batches from the very best available all natural ingredients ? to create the real taste of true Italian pasta sauce ? simply, the way it should be. To maintain this great taste, we only make 950 jars at a time for each flavor and we don?t add anything artificial ? additives just don?t belong in a Marinelli?s True Italian Pasta Sauce.

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Marinelli's was founded on the principle of paying respect to their Italian culinary heritage by creating the finest possible pasta sauce available. Every day, they improved and never compromised on quality to save a few extra pennies. To Marinelli's, delicious food is about more than just eating; it's about connecting with people on a deeper level. Many comments that Marinelli's reminds them of their childhood and Sunday dinners at home. At the heart of Marinelli's is a celebration of life. Shop our Marinelli's range here.

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