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LU Tuc Crackers Bacon 24 x 100 g

LU Tuc Crackers arrived in France in 1977. Available in over 50 countries around the world, LU Tuc Crackers are rich in grains and are baked, rather than fried and their light and crispy texture lends a unique taste. The famous LU Tuc Crackers, crispy and melting at the same time, with a good taste of bacon! In the office, outside, wherever you are, LU Tuc Crackers can accompany you everywhere.


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LU, also known as Lefèvre Utile, is a renowned French brand specializing in biscuits. Established in 1850 by Monsieur LeFevre and Mademoiselle Utile, it has become a significant success story in the French food industry. The brand originated in Nantes, France, through the union of two bakers in 1846 and is now an affiliate brand of Mondelez International. LU offers a variety of cookies, including the iconic Petit Beurre, known for its timeless French classic taste with buttery richness. The brand's history is deeply rooted in the passion of two biscuit-makers, Jean-Romain Lefèvre and Pauline-Isabelle Utile, marking the beginning of the brand's story


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