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Lancashire Real Eccles Cakes 4 Pack x 12

Eccles Cakes are handmade and consist of a mixture of the finest Vostizza currants, raisins, butter and sugar enclosed in a shell of flaky, buttery pastry. The cake is round and fairly flat in appearance and they are packed in traditional packaging.

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Lancashire Eccles Cakes is owned by the Edmonds family and specialises in the manufacture of handmade high quality Eccles Cakes. The Edmonds family has been involved in the manufacture of Eccles Cakes since the 1930s. The present Company, set up in 1979, produces the leading brand of handmade Eccles Cakes, ‘Real Lancashire Eccles Cakes’.

Still made using the family recipe, Lancashire Eccles Cakes can be found on the shelves of all leading supermarkets, as well as in delicatessens and local corner shops. We also export to Europe and America, so you can still enjoy the taste of traditional, Real Lancashire Eccles Cakes wherever you are in the world.

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