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K&H Licorice Salt Rectangle (Schuinzout) 5 x 1kg

K&H Schinzout Liquorice is a famous Dutch Licorice that is famous for its diamond shape and extra salty taste. Imported from Holland for that authentic licorice taste, each bite is rich and very robust with a black licorice flavour. This old fashioned licorice began in 1896, and remains a favourite among licorice lovers everywhere!

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K&H has been a cornerstone in the licorice industry, offering a diverse selection that includes hard licorice, soft licorice, and licorice extract. Renowned for its commitment to quality, K&H's licorice is celebrated for its rich flavor profile and superior taste. With a history spanning many years, the brand has earned a solid reputation for delivering licorice experiences that stand the test of time. Whether enjoyed in the classic hard form or the more chewy soft varieties, K&H's licorice is easily accessible, and found in both stores and online platforms, making it a consistent favorite among licorice enthusiasts.

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