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Gouda's Glorie Garlic Sauce (Knoflooksaus) 6 x 650mL

Gouda’s Glorie has a rich tradition when it comes to preparing sauces with excellent quality and taste. The Gouda’s Glorie Fresh Garlic Sauce is a nice, fresh and creamy garlic sauce. It is prepared with finely chopped pieces of parsley and freshly chopped garlic. Gouda’s Glorie Fresh Garlic Sauce is multi-applicable; delicious with fries and various snacks such as mexicano and kipcorn. The handy 850 ML tube ensures optimal flavor retention and easy dosing.

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Gouda's Glorie

A Dutch leader in margarine, cooking oil and sauces, Gouda's Glorie has you covered. Created in 1946, when Van Dijk Food Products started producing margarine, the brand soon became known as "doll butter". Nowadays, the brand is one of the Netherlands' favourites when it comes to delicious everyday condiments. You no longer need to visit Amsterdam to enjoy heavenly-topped french fries. Thanks to Morgan-Williams, Canadian shoppers can now supercharge their mealtime with Gouda's Glorie Curry Sauce, French Fries Sauce, Garlic Sauce, and Mayonnaise. Shop our Gouda's Glorie range here.

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