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Droste Milk Chocolate Pastilles 12 x 85g

We are Droste, real Dutch chocolate since 1863. We still make our own chocolate in one of the few remaining chocolate factories in the Netherlands. Once started as a biscuit baker, but nowadays it can no longer be ignored as a chocolate brand. Very cool things are coming up, and we are going to bring Droste back to where it belongs, Old Dutch chocolate, but with a new look!

Our delicious and classic Droste milk pastilles consist of a composition of at least 35% real cocoa. Classic and delicious, enjoy!

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In 1863, Geraldus Johannes Droste’s pastry and biscuit bakery in Haarlem opened its doors to the public. Today, the Droste chocolate products are still made in one of the few remaining large chocolate factories in the Netherlands in the same way and with just as much love and attention as before. We call that primal Dutch craftsmanship!

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