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Conimex Sambal Mild (Manis) 6 x 200g

Indonesia; what an inspiration! In the local markets, the Indonesians choose their different types of fresh sambals. Displayed in large containers, sold in batches.

Sambal Manis is a fried sambal with a sweet taste and slightly milder than the Sambal Oelek and Brandal. Made from freshly ground lomboks (chili peppers), according to an authentic recipe. This sambal gives a delicious flavor to Asian dishes, but also goes well with snacks, (peanut) cheese, vegetables and the omelette. This sambal is made with sustainably grown chili peppers, according to an authentic recipe.

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Dutch-Indonesians make up 4.9% of the Netherlands' total population, and Conimex is the country's leading Asian food brand. With their iconic yellow labelled packages being a firm favourite on supermarket shelves, these easy-to-prepare Indonesian-inspired products are exported to more than 20 countries, of which Canada is one. Help your shoppers continue passing their culinary secrets from generation to generation by stocking these authentic Indonesian products in your store. Thanks to Morgan-Williams, we distribute Bami Goreng Mix, Peanut Sauce Mix and more, direct to the Great White North. Shop our Conimex range here.

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