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Bone Suckin' Wing Sauce Honey Habanero 12x12.25oz

You have to try it! Time for a Wing Eating Competition tonight! The right amount of sweet & heat will quickly make Bone Suckin? Wing Sauce, Honey & Habanero your favorite!

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Bone Suckin' Sauce

Phil Ford, father of four and a real estate appraiser from North Carolina, developed his sauce while trying to copy his mother’s recipe for a western North Carolina-style barbecue sauce. Folks kept telling him that he needed to do something with the sauce – like bottle it and sell it! After his sister-in-law Sandi joined forces with Phil, the task became finding the perfect name. The sauce was so good that even the shyest of eaters suck on the bone to get to the last little bit of flavour, hence the name, Bone Suckin'. Shop our Bone Suckin Sauce range here.

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