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In 1862, Henry Rowntree bought a simple cocoa works in York and turned it into a confectionery company. The brothers hired French confectioner August Claude Gaget. With his expertise, they developed the recipe for Rowntree’s® Fruit Pastilles, which they launched in 1881. Rowntree’s® Fruit Pastilles were a huge success, and led the company to develop Rowntree’s® Clear Gums (now known as Rowntree’s® Fruit Gums) in 1893. 1965 saw the launch of Rowntree’s® Jelly Tots®. In 1969, Rowntree’s® merged with rival confectionery company Mackintosh. This merger brought a number of popular confectionery products into the Rowntree’s® range, including Tooty Frooties®. In 1988 Rowntree’s® was bought by the Swiss company Nestlé®, who decided to keep Rowntree’s® as the name of their UK fruit confectionery range.

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