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Since 1868, our family has dedicated itself to creating high quality products from our table to yours. What we’ve grown together over four generations is an iconic brand that sits on shelves across the UK, maintaining our strong heritage while forging our future.

Canned / Ambient

Fray Bentos

Wonderfully unique, Fray Bentos is an iconic British manufacturer of tinned processed meat products, providing convenient and satisfying meals, every time. Earning their name from the port of Fray Bentos in Uruguay where products were originally processed and packaged until the 1960s, quick and delicious meals have never been easier. Going strong since the latter half of the 19th century, thanks to Morgan Williams, you can now reward busy on-the-go lifestyles with British classics like Balti Pie, Cheese & Onion Pie, and Vegan Steak & Kidney Bean Pie. View our Fray Bentos range here.

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