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Maysan Original Curry Sauce Paste 1x180g

Unlock restaurant-quality curries in minutes with Maysan Original Curry Sauce Paste. This concentrated paste packs an authentic Chinese curry punch, loved by both home cooks and caterers alike. Forget complicated spice blends and lengthy prep work – simply whisk a dollop of paste into water, bring to a boil, and voila! You have a rich, flavorful sauce ready to embrace your chosen protein and vegetables. The secret lies in the perfectly balanced blend of spices. Each jar bursts with aromatic turmeric, warming cumin, and bright coriander, alongside ginger, garlic, and a hint of chilli for depth.

No need for additional flavourings, as the paste comes complete with essential umami thanks to a touch of monosodium glutamate. Simply adjust the water quantity to control the heat level, making it perfect for both spice enthusiasts and milder palates. Maysan Original Curry Sauce Paste is more than just convenient. It’s crafted with high-quality ingredients like non-hydrogenated palm oil and dehydrated potato granules for a smooth texture and consistent results. And with its generous 250g size, you’ll have plenty of curries to enjoy before needing to restock. So ditch the takeout menus and discover the ease and deliciousness of creating authentic Chinese curries at home with Maysan Original Curry Sauce Paste.

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