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Chubby Pineapple Sunshine 24x250ml

This delicious Chubby Pineapple Sunshine 24 x 250ml is a unique, refreshing, and tasty carbonated beverage. Crafted with only the finest pineapple flavour, it boasts a delightful taste that your kids will love to drink! Each 250ml can packs in only 100 calories per serving, making it the perfect drink for any occasion. Whether at a party or a family gathering, it will be sure to please!

Chubby Pineapple Sunshine 24 x 250ml can be enjoyed chilled or over ice, depending on the occasion. Its fruity flavour will stand out and make any event or gathering even more memorable. Its convenient size makes it perfect for lunch boxes or taking out on a summer picnic. The fizzy pineapple flavour will tantalize your taste buds and give your kids a refreshing and enjoyable drink!

So, add some zing to your next event or gathering and make it a special one with Chubby Pineapple Sunshine 24 x 250ml.

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