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Camil RTE Pinto Beans / Feijao Carioca Pronto 18 x 490g

Camil Pinto Ready to Eat beans without seasoning come already cooked in water, so you don’t have to cook them in a pressure cooker. Just heat them up and do what you like best: leave your beans with that spice that the whole family loves.

Camil RTE lines are gluten and glutamate free and come in Tetra Pak long-life packaging that helps in product conservation and refrigeration.

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Camil understands the importance of nutrition and taking care of those we love. So, no matter how life has changed or evolved, Camil continues to feed that delicious feeling of being around the table with family. Offering quality, practicality, and a lot of flavours for over 50 years, they have grown into a category leader in the Brazilian marketplace, offering rice and beans, peas, soybeans, and chickpeas. It is through their variety of products that they will offer your customers the taste of new experiences, practicality and health. Shop our Camil range here.

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