Bisto White Sauce Granules 6x190g

Every cook needs a good white sauce in their repertoire, and now it’s even easier to make this classic sauce with Bisto White Sauce Granules. The perfect for sauce for your favourite lasagna or creamy potato bake, Bisto’s white sauce will add a touch of creaminess to your meals. To make, simply put 4 heaped dessertspoons in a measuring jug. Add boiling water up to the 250ml mark and stir until it thickens. Or for a richer, creamier sauce, use 250ml of milk instead of water.



Whether it’s a roast with all the trimmings or bangers and mash, Bisto has been a part of family mealtimes since 1908. A taste of home for all occasions, we’ve been there for celebratory roasts, comforting midweek meals and always for Sunday lunch.

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