Yeranus Berns Sweet & Smokey Red Jalapeno Medium Hot Sauce 6x5.7oz

Yeranus Berns Sweet and Smokey Jalapeno Hot Sauce is the newest edition to the Sauce Crafters family. This sauce has quickly become one of our favorites along with the favorite of many people who have tried it thus far. It delivers a delicious taste of jalapeno peppers but also comes in strong with the sweetness of the agave nectar. The Medium version has no extra heat added to the Jalapeno Peppers, but the Hot and the Extreme are stepped up a notch with 1.6 million Scoville Pepper Extract Powder. This is a sauce you do not want to miss out on. People have truly fallen in love with Yeranus and keep saying nothing but good things about it! We hope you love Yeranus as much as we do.


Yeranus Berns

$ 42.77

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