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HP Sauce Fruity 12x255g

HP Fruity Sauce Squeezy is a mild fruity sauce that adds the perfect finishing touch to any bacon sandwich, hot dog or English breakfast.

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One of the most iconic food brands in the world, Henry J. Heinz's food empire is still going from strength to strength over 150 years after its original Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania founding. Manufacturing thousands of food products across six continents, wholesale Heinz products grace kitchen cupboards and pantries in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. After Henry created his first product, a pure and superior grated horseradish, aged 25, his kingdom now encompasses Baked Beans, Piccalilli, Ploughmans Pickle, Salad Cream, and Tomato Soup, all of which can be enjoyed in Canada thanks to Morgan-Williams. Shop our wholesale Heinz range here.

HP Sauce

Distinguishably British, nothing screams London more than HP Sauce. A household name in British cafés, restaurants and kitchen cupboards, this unmistakably tangy brown sauce is what all bacon sandwiches and full English breakfasts cry out for. An icon of British culture, HP Sauce earns its name from London's Houses of Parliament. It is proudly featured alongside the Elizabeth Tower, the Palace of Westminster and Westminster Bridge on every bottle of this late 19th century founded goliath. Thanks to Morgan-Williams, you can treat Canadian-based customers to Britain's best-selling brand of brown sauce. Shop our HP Sauce range here.

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