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Fortuin Wilhelmina Peppermint (Pepermunt) Bag 12 x 225g

In 1842 Fortuin was established as a local confectionery shop by Willem Hendrik Fortuin in the city of Lemmer, and soon moved to Dokkum, where the company is still located nowadays. Over the years Fortuin became a premium confectionery producer and developed the DF peppermint, the original English peppermint. As this peppermint became so popular, Fortuin decided to expand business to an industrial level in 1888 in order to serve more consumers with its delicious confectionery products. Since then, Fortuin added many products to its assortment, among them the very famous Wilhelmina Mints.

Wilhelmina Mints were created in 1892 in honour of Fortuin’s 50th anniversary and as a homage to the Dutch Queen Wilhelmina, who was 12 years old at that time. The portrait of Queen Wilhelmina can be found on each mint tablet. The first box of Wilhelmina Mints was offered to the Dutch Royal Family. They were so delighted that they granted Fortuin the predicate Warrant Holder of the Dutch Royal Family. Fortuin still owns this royal status today and Wilhelmina Mints are as popular as ever!



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