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Cornish Sea Salt Flakes 8x150g

Allowing tastes to build and evolve, they are perfect as a natural finishing salt, dissolving quickly to give an initial hit of sea saltiness and splashing a little alchemy onto the simplest of dishes. Use to complement and transform rather than to dominate and define.

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Cornish Sea Salt

Bridging the ancient and modern worlds, Cornish Sea Salt is a staple part of the 21st-century sea salt industry. Purveyors of fine Cornish sea salts and blended sea salts, production takes inspiration from the original methods of harvesting the ocean's goodness. Founded by Tony Fraser, all sea salts are hand-harvested to deliver the unique Cornish mineral profile that makes their flavour so distinctive. Thanks to Morgan-Williams, Canadian shoppers can now experience the authentic taste of South West England with Sea Salt Flakes and Sea Salt Crystals. Shop our Cornish Sea Salt range here.

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