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Conimex Kroepoek Regular 12 x 75g

Prawn crackers, or original ‘Kerupuk’ in Indonesia, is an indispensable part of Indian cuisine! This seasoning is delicious as a side dish with almost any Asian dish, but a handful of prawn crackers as a snack is also possible!

The Natural Prawn Crackers have the classic flavor and are not seasoned, which makes them suitable for any Asian dish .

We are working hard on making our prawn crackers more sustainable and the first steps have been taken!

The basis of this prawn crackers is made in Indonesia, from fresh shrimps, among other things, caught in the Coral Triangle. A beautiful area with an enormous amount of fish and coral species and where many people live from fishing. Of course we want the thousands of local fishermen and this indispensable nature to keep a future! To protect these, we have now made the shrimp catching process more sustainable by using so-called ‘trammel nets’.



Conimex has been ensuring that delicious Asian flavors are for sale in the Netherlands since 1932. What started in a backyard in Baarn with a few products has now grown into a well-known brand with more than 100 products.

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