Cadbury Roundie Milk Chocolate 30x30g

Delightfully light and crispy wafer layers, layered with deliciously covered in smooth Cadbury milk chocolate for the ultimate big biscuity bite!

Wafer with a cocoa flavoured filling (27 %) covered with milk chocolate (60 %).

Milk chocolate wafer rounds



John Cadbury was only twenty-two years old when he opened his shop next door to his father’s business in 1824. Richard Tapper Cadbury, John’s father, was a draper and silk merchant in Bull Street, which was then Birmingham’s principal thoroughfare. In his own shop, as well as tea and coffee, John Cadbury sold hops, mustard and a new side-line, cocoa and drinking chocolate, which he prepared himself using a mortar and pestle. Growing sales of John Cadbury’s ‘superior quality’ cocoa and drinking chocolate meant, that in 1831, a small factory was rented in Crooked Lane, Birmingham, and John Cadbury became a manufacturer of drinking chocolate and cocoa, the foundations of the Cadbury manufacturing business as it is known today.

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