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Cadbury Nuttier Peanut & Almond Milk Chocolate Bar 15x40g

We’ve all been there, craving the smooth and creamy decadence of Cadbury milk chocolate, but not wanting to give in to temptation… Don’t worry, Cadbury Nuttier is a new bar you’re sure to go totally nuts over!

This bar has tons of tasty roasted almonds and peanuts (making it a great source of protein!), embedded in a thin base of the classic Cadbury milk chocolate you know and love. If you’re a fan of nuts, this is definitely the snack for you! Make sure you stock up, these are sure to disappear from your pantry quickly. The perfect blend of healthy and chocolatey, you’ll never feel bad again for indulging in this light treat.



John Cadbury was only twenty-two years old when he opened his shop next door to his father’s business in 1824. Richard Tapper Cadbury, John’s father, was a draper and silk merchant in Bull Street, which was then Birmingham’s principal thoroughfare. In his own shop, as well as tea and coffee, John Cadbury sold hops, mustard and a new side-line, cocoa and drinking chocolate, which he prepared himself using a mortar and pestle. Growing sales of John Cadbury’s ‘superior quality’ cocoa and drinking chocolate meant, that in 1831, a small factory was rented in Crooked Lane, Birmingham, and John Cadbury became a manufacturer of drinking chocolate and cocoa, the foundations of the Cadbury manufacturing business as it is known today.
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