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Border Light & Buttery Viennese Whirls 12x145g

A golden, buttery swirl with a smooth creamy vanilla flavor. The feathery texture of our famous Viennese Whirls will melt in your mouth while the swirl alludes to the soft velvety taste. This biscuit is the perfect mid-morning treat.



Biscuits. One of life’s little joys and our greatest passion for over 35 years. Everyone at Border is personally responsible for outstanding quality, whether they’re sourcing ingredients, weighing, mixing, baking or packing. We believe our biscuits should be nothing short of exceptional and we’re proud to make them just that. Our Famous Flavours are grounded upon authentic family recipes which have been meticulously developed over the years. To our way of thinking, every biscuit moment should be the best it can be; something you can look forward to, savour, share with friends and even give to others in a simple act of generosity. So you know when you prise open a box, there’s craft, creativity and care in every crumb.

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