Ass Reaper Hot Sauce 6x5oz

Ass Reaper?s Costa Rican blend of habaneros, oleoresin, and scotch bonnets is almost lethal. In fact, one of the uses for oleoresin is as an ingredient in pepper spray. Although we don?t offer Ass Reaper Hot Sauce for sampling at the Peppers of Key West tasting bar, it?s just too hot, I have personally tried it, and I can tell you that it causes some serious pain. Ingesting more than a minute amount will set the Ass Reaper on your tail for sure!

Ass Reaper is one of those sauces that chili heads love to have on hand for when their friends show up and want to try out a new pain injection or dare others to try it out! As far as adding heat to food, you need to proceed very, very carefully with this sauce. A few drops in a batch of chili for the game on Sunday may have some grown men and women crying! And you definitely want to keep it away from kids and pets!

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