About Us

Since our incorporation in 2001, Morgan Williams International has been committed to importing the most recognizable British brands into Canada on a wholesale basis.

We continue to expand our product list in order to provide Canadian retailers with a wide selection of recognizable and innovative British goods and grocery. Morgan-Williams currently carries over 135 recognizable British brands and offers over 724 SKU’s to our customers featuring confectionary, beverages, baking mixes, condiments and canned goods.

Canada is home to the third largest population of British citizens abroad, as well as over 10 millions Canadians who claim shared British ancestry. Together, they continue to contribute to the demand of British grocery products in the Canadian retail market.

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For more information on our locations or to contact Morgan Williams directly, please contact Denise Bradshaw at denise@morganwilliams.ca


Morgan Williams International’s head office and warehouse is based in Mississauga, Ontario which serves our customers in Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec and the East Coast.

Morgan-Williams International Inc.                            

7045A Tomken Road 

Mississauga, ON L5S 1R7

T: (905) 696-0226   F: (905) 696-7936        


Morgan Williams West’s office and warehouse is based in Surrey, British Columbia which serves our customers in British Columbia, Alberta and the West Coast.

Morgan-Williams West Inc.

Unit 106 – 19347 24th Ave.

Surrey, B.C V3S 3S9

T: (778) 291-2626 F: (778) 291 – 2636